Luket Ministries Covey

 Covey: A group, gang, troupe, party, company or band. Luket Covey members use their unique giftings to refresh and support Luket missionaries. They provide an underpinning to the integrity of the ministry. 

  • Bobby and Angela Ragan- Direct Care  
  • Richard and Cleo Perryman- Financial Advisor 
  • Ken McHale- Ministry Structure 
  • Rhonda Runnels- Ministry Advocate
  • Dr. Kyle and Vanessa Jones- Africa Medical Team
  • Tyler and Madison Vining- Emotional Support
  • Kevin and Susan Morris- Spiritual Counsel 
  • Becky Le- Adoption Support
  • Laura Held- Administration
  • Renee Steel- Homeschool Education Support
  • Nick and Jaime Parker- Missions Investors
  • Ed and Kristin Lydens- Accountability 
  • Steven and Donna Smith- Ministry Counsel 
  • Robert and Kiyla Fenell - Business Expertise
  • Chuck and Joyce Werner- Spiritual Health 
  • Dr. Uyen Le- US Pediatrics Specialist

A sincere thank you to our entire support team. Your gifts of prayer and emotional and financial support are what have made this launch into missionary life possible for our family. Thank you for extending your time and talents to further the vision of Luket Ministries. May our Lord meet all of your needs and lavish you with His Peace!