Pronounced Lew-Khet, derived from the Latin word LuKet, meaning To shine.

"For god shines his light into the darkness." john 1:5

Luket Ministries

The Luket missionary team pours their individual talents into non-profit and humanitarian aid organizations around the world. Currently, Luket shines in the Pearl of Africa, Jinja, Uganda. Weekly they serve at orphanages, parasite and malnourishment clinics and strive to meet village needs that come in various forms. Maximizing their unique skill set and experience of the team, they empower the community by providing business mentorship, teaching hygiene, art and homeschooling classes, while providing cosmetology services and medical assistance.

 Luket has a heart for the orphan, extensive knowledge of foster care and firsthand adoption experiences. They draw from personal passion and adoption education to aid in orphan care and thoughtfully serve adoptive families. Missionaries serving with Luket are chosen for their commitment to God's Kingdom and history of integrity. Luket's unified desire is to minister as God's hands and feet and carry the name of Jesus into the land God has graciously given them to serve. 

Luket's mission work is made possible by tax-deductible financial donations from people with a similar heart for serving in medical clinics, reaching the fatherless and providing for those with critical needs. Luket missionaries are incredibly grateful for your prayers and support as they continue this great work in Uganda. The supporter is the bow, Luket is the arrow and God's people in Uganda are the target!


 “Now that I have seen.” 

Luket Ministries tagline was planted in our hearts in 2006 with the journey to adopt our first daughter in Vietnam. As we pulled up to a third world orphanage, it was as if God peeled back a cloudy layer of our eyes and we could truly see for the first time. From that time forth we were beautifully wrecked for missions, orphan care and serving internationally. God Luket His Light on us and we are ever so grateful. Seeing changes everything. 


Luket logo created by artist Evie Shaffer.

Evie is passionate about creating beauty with a purpose, always pointing to the Beauty-giver in the process. To make her circle vignettes she goes on nature hikes to collect natural treasures- everything from seeds, feathers and flowers, to sticks, plants, leaves and shells. She then arranges them into a circle vignette. For this piece, she spent ten days serving with Luket in Uganda. This circle vignette perfectly reflects the beauty of Jinja, Uganda and we are honored for it to be the symbol of Luket.


Serving Overseas

Through the influence of God’s word and books such as Jen Hatmaker’s 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess, we were continually challenged to let go and embrace the calling of going on the mission field. God was indeed calling us to sell our home, our belongings, and to wait. Wait, pray and go to the land He would show us. In September 2013, we put our dream house on the market. The following March, we transitioned to missionary housing. In our search of where to serve among the nations, we heard about Jinja, Uganda through our friends. They had personally adopted from Jinja and were eager to share details of the area’s great need for mission work. We founded Luket Ministries in December 2014. It was time to shine! Luket! 



Luket Ministries Covey

 Covey: A group, gang, troupe, party, company or band. Luket Covey members use their unique giftings to refresh and support Luket missionaries. They provide an underpinning to the integrity of the ministry. 

  • Bobby and Angela Ragan- Direct Care  
  • Richard and Cleo Perryman- Financial Advisor 
  • Ken McHale- Ministry Structure 
  • Rhonda Runnels- Ministry Advocate
  • Dr. Kyle and Vanessa Jones- Africa Medical Team
  • Tyler and Madison Vining- Emotional Support
  • Kevin and Susan Morris- Spiritual Counsel 
  • Becky Le- Adoption Support
  • Laura Held- Administration
  • Renee Steel- Homeschool Education Support
  • Nick and Jaime Parker- Missions Investors
  • Ed and Kristin Lydens- Accountability 
  • Steven and Donna Smith- Ministry Counsel 
  • Robert and Kiyla Fenell - Business Expertise
  • Chuck and Joyce Werner- Spiritual Health 
  • Dr. Uyen Le- US Pediatrics Specialist

A sincere thank you to our entire support team. Your gifts of prayer and emotional and financial support are what have made this launch into missionary life possible for our family. Thank you for extending your time and talents to further the vision of Luket Ministries. May our Lord meet all of your needs and lavish you with His Peace!